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30 Aug

Aug 30, 2022 • ~natnex-ronret

Getting back to Buenos Aires means getting back to my studio. It doesn't matter what happens outside the apartment as long as I can stay locked up doing my own thing. Confinement is nice. I basically lock myself in and it feels good. Then I step outside and see what's going on out there, as if I' m living inside a memory. One way or another, nothing is surprising enough. Unlike staying in nature, where the sensorial is primary and worries fade away at the magnitude of a tree or the setting sun, living in the city allows me to get deep into the psyche. We already know this is a mind game. Therefore, getting back to Buenos Aires is OK, it sets my brainwork in motion. So much so that the last few weeks I focused on editorial processes and some assets/sketches for interface.


The week's news is is live. All the teams have been working hard and the output is just a glimpse of what is to be announced in the near future. It is exciting to witness the vast expansion of a project that I am now a part of. I mean, it's the first time I've collaborated with so many people and, even if I'm not a teamwork enthusiast.... I'm still here, wondering if it could happen again. For the time being, it's a fact: Tlon is a huge exception.